Where does Porsche Ice Experience take place?
Porsche Ice Experience takes place at Estérel Resort and Mécaglisse driving facility in Quebec, Canada, approximately 70 minutes/92 km (57miles) from Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL). 

What cars will I drive at Porsche Ice Experience?
Porsche Experience uses current Porsche models. Vehicles are listed on each program page and are subject to change based on availability.

Is there an age requirement to participate in Porsche Ice Experience?
Yes, all driving participants must be 21 years of age or older.

Do I need a driver’s license to participate?
Yes, all driving participants need a complete and valid driver’s license to participate (non-learners). Driving licenses from Canada, the USA, EU and international driving licenses (in English) in conjunction with a national driving license are accepted.

What kind of modules do you have, can you explain them?
The circuit at Mecaglisse features six independent standard track layouts:
1. Ice track (2.5 km) Dynamic Area, Handling & Lapping Sections
2. Ice track (0.4 km) Dynamic Area, Handling & Lapping Sections
3. Skid circles of 60 m and 80 m diameter. Oversteer / Understeer Skid Recovery / Precision Drifting
4. Ice track (1.0 km) Dynamic Area, Handling & Lapping Sections
5. Snow track (2.5 km) Forest Track for Ice Force Program Offering
6. Skid circle of 120 m diameter. Oversteer / Understeer Skid Recovery / Precision Drifting

Dynamics Area(s): Test the speed, agility and lane-change performance on a large ice pad designed to simulate unique maneuvers you may encounter during your daily driving.  This includes, but not limited to Autocross Training, Slalom Course, ABS/Threshold/LF braking, lane change & accident avoidance.

How long is the track?
Mecaglisse features 15 kilometres of track spread across a 700 acre footprint. The facility includes many different driving modules including skid circles and closed tracks.

How many participants will be part of my program?
The number of participants is dependent upon the level:
Ice Trial - 48 participants
Ice Intro - 48 participants
Ice Experience - 40 participants
Ice Force - 24 participants

Are travel and accommodations included?
Accommodations and meals are included during Porsche Ice Experience. Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from the event location. Additional hotel nights outside of the those included in the program will be the responsibility of the participant.

Which airport is most convenient to Porsche Ice Experience?
If you are travelling by air, we recommend that you fly to Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL). From there, the drive to the Estérel Resort is approximately 70 minutes/92 km (57 miles). Ground transportation is at your expense and not included in the program fees.
Air Canada has provided Porsche Ice Experience with a special booking code should you choose to fly with Air Canada. After booking your seat, go to AirCanada.com and enter the booking code for your wave in the Promo Code section of your booking page. Booking codes will be provided the the confirmation email once your payment has been received.

What should I wear?
Since the temperatures in this part of Québec can be between -2°C and -20°C, we recommend bringing along appropriate clothing. Participants will be outside for up to 15 minutes at a time. In addition to cold weather clothing, we suggest bringing the following items; sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen/hand cream and comfortable, warm shoes with a hard sole and grip, which are suitable for driving (no open toe or high heel shoes for driving). We recommend wearing several layers of clothing since this will allow for better air circulation and insulation. The dress code for dinner is smart casual.

Can I bring my own car?
We provide the vehicles for Porsche Ice Experience. You are welcome to bring your own, but it will have to stay in the parking lot at the hotel.

Will my driving experience be cancelled due to weather?
In the case of inclement weather preventing the driving program from running safely, the driving program will be adapted as needed and resume when safe to do so.

Can I bring a guest?
We allow for non-driving participants to join you at Ice Experience. The cost is determined by your Ice Experience level and includes accommodations, breakfast and dinners. Non-driving participants are at their leisure for the driving days and are not permitted to attend at the track.  Estérel Resort offers many outdoor activities and has a full service spa.

What is your cancellation policy?
Experiences may be cancelled prior to the customer’s experience date, however cancellation fees apply. Please see below for the cancellation schedule. 

If a request is made to cancel participation in the event, the following non-refundable portion of the Event costs will be forfeited:

Date Canceled
Greater than 90 days prior to Event   0%
61-90 days prior to Event                  10%
31-60 days prior to Event                  25%
16-30 days prior to Event                  50%
0-15 days prior to Event                   100%